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Kimberly Craven and a Social Media Community

November is the National Native American Heritage Month and my conversation with Kimberly Craven about Native American affairs was fascinating. I met Kimberly in Chadron and we talked at length about the richness of native culture, ethnic passing, identity, politics, religion, and beef… Some of that conversation will follow in another post, however, as in this short extract Kimberly offers a view of what community means that I heard little while traveling for this project. Listen below:

The Bean Broker

Andrea “Andie” Rising, the proprietor of the Bean Broker Coffee Shop and Pub in Chadron, is a lovely contradiction. A ranching child, she relishes the rural life, riding horses and wrangling cattle. “I love to hear the curlews and to smell the meadow. I could be alone for months,” she said. And yet Andie is one of the most gregarious people I have met. “I think it’s so important to be able to talk to people that have had other experiences.” She relishes not just the activities within the building, but the Mildred Block Building itself, which Andie acquired over 15 years ago. Built in 1912, it started life as the New Citizen State Bank and has been many things since, such as a Non-Commissioned Officer Club and an armory. Now, the ground floor contains the coffee shop and pub, as well as Andie’s flat. Upstairs are more than a dozen rooms that are being restored for use by local entrepreneurial tenants. Some of the design features include the original tin ceiling, mosaic tiled floor …