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Contribute and Claim Your Perk!

In order to raise funds for this project and to match the grant awarded by Humanities Nebraska, I am crowdfunding on IndieGoGo here.

To recognize and thank people for their crowdfunding support they are entitled to a perk. One of those perks is a limited edition t-shirt, imaginatively modeled by me here. Don’t worry, the real ones will be of great quality and will look marvelous, as will you! There are only 100 of these on offer, so claim yours now, here.

Other contribution perks include:

  • Conversation Collectors: Three pocket-sized, kraft brown Moleskin cahier journals, hand stamped with the project’s eye-catching logo
  • Eye Spy Postcard Pack: A set of 10 postcards with photographic images taken during the project. Expect people, places and things and to be surprised
  • Road Funk Annihilator: Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean when I talk about road funk. Get your pine-scented hanging car air freshener for the summer
  • Mile Marker: On this 830 mile journey what mile do you want to mark? You choose a specific mile as yours – your age? your birthday? your anniversary? – or instead allow us to designate the miles as donations are received. All mile markers will be duly noted on our 830Nebraska website.

Your support and contribution will help this project’s success when it hits the road in August. Please make a donation here.

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I believe that conversation helps us to live better and work well.

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