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You can see from my route that one of the towns I look forward to visiting is Loomis. As noted on this county website, BusinessWeek Magazine picked this town of 382 people in 2006 as “one of the top 25 places in the country to raise a child.” With some friends here in Omaha that hail from Phelps county, I eagerly anticipate a delightful and intriguing time in this “undiscovered gem.”

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  1. John Gerdes says


    I grew up a few miles from Loomis in the Phelps County seat, Holdrege. It was definitely an idyllic location for a childhood. My in-laws will sometimes give my sisters and I a hard time about growing up “under a rock”. We typically reply that it was a happy rock.

    John Gerdes


    • Thanks for sharing that, John. I believe that growing up under a happy rock is a delightful way to emerge into the world. I look forward very much to being in that part of it soon. Best wishes, Stuart


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