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Glacier Creek Preserve

Given how calming and serene Glacier Creek Preserve is, it required a deliberate effort to recall it is just outside the city of Omaha. Soon to span the entire Glacier Creek watershed, this ecologically and geologically diverse preserve focuses research, education and a pure pleasure on our historic, natural heritage – the Tallgrass Prairie. The passion of Barbi Hayes and Tom Bragg in establishing and growing this preserve is evident and I was grateful for a tour in Barbi’s company.

imageThe preserve features a barn like no other. Formerly on Barbi’s farm a few miles away, it was moved to the preserve and fitted out as a high-tech field lab, office, research and education center. Yet the vision for the preserve is not limited to the sciences. Barbi anticipates art and other cultural interactions with and within the environment, such as an installation by Jacob Mosher and choreographed dance performances that embrace a synergy with the natural landscape. Barbi’s multidisciplinary perspective encourages the full potential of this place, bringing it and us more fully to life.

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