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Garry Clark: A Leader Above

Garry Clark describes his role as the economic development director for Cuming County being much more than that. He is a community developer whose role is really about benefiting people. Garry candidly discusses his experiences growing up in Washington D.C. and his perspectives on life as an African-American resident in a smaller town. Garry also reflects intelligently on choosing a community-focused lifestyle in West Point. He also told me he is a mean ball player too! Listen to Garry below:

It’s because you waved

“It’s because you waved,” said Luke.  In his early twenties and studying intercultural studies in Omaha, Luke was the first person to stop and engage in conversation with me as part of this project, a couple of 830 mile long conversations. He stopped because of that wave and my welcome. It is premature to begin filtering for commonalities, though I can say that the people I engaged with, whether at Millard branch library in Omaha, West Point, Pender and Wayne, demonstrated a curiosity and willingness to interact. For his part, Luke had moved when he was 13 to Spain with his family (his Dad did missionary work and was a military contractor). Luke lived in Europe for 5 years. It remains to be seen if broad exposure to different cultures is a theme arising out of this project, but it is impossible not to want to explore that thought as I go. It is at this time worth noting, perhaps, my own capacity to be curious and to engage. The point building up to the …