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Garry Clark: A Leader Above

830NE_Garry_Clark_Desk_Basketball_PlayerGarry Clark describes his role as the economic development director for Cuming County being much more than that. He is a community developer whose role is really about benefiting people. Garry candidly discusses his experiences growing up in Washington D.C. and his perspectives on life as an African-American resident in a smaller town. Garry also reflects intelligently on choosing a community-focused lifestyle in West Point. He also told me he is a mean ball player too!

Listen to Garry below:


    • Thank you, Laura. Garry was my first out-of-Omaha conversation and, although he didn’t know it, he really settled me into the rhythm of what was an exhilarating but also daunting project. That, combined with being a wonderful person to speak with really made this one a conversation to treasure.


  1. Amy Chittenden says

    Always love his comment, “. . . if you can hear the sound of nothing, it’s here . . . ” I think one can definitely hear the sound of nothing if they are being present and listening!


    • Thanks for your comment. In many respects silence can simply be the removal of distractions, allowing us to access our inner landscapes, or the reduction of artificial disturbances enabling our appreciation of the external landscape.


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