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Exhibition at Michael Phipps Gallery – Opens Jan. 8

A set of 20 images drawn from the project have been selected for exhibition at the Michael Phipps Gallery situated on the first floor of the W. Dale Clark main branch of the Omaha Public Library. Accompanying the images will be audio vignettes drawn from the conversations I had with people during the project. These audio vignettes are downloaded on MP3 players that can be checked out from the library! It is an intriguing interactive experience for exhibit attendees and I am grateful for the insightful curation of Alex Priest and the support of Omaha Public Library.

The exhibition is on display from January 8 through February 28 with an opening night reception from 4 – 6pm this Friday January 8. At around 5pm I shall deliver a short presentation regarding the project. I hope to see you there!


Empty walls being prepared…


  1. Laura says

    Great job Stuart! I’m looking forward to seeing this exhibit. And, I love the quote by Martin Buber!


    • Thanks Laura! Buber’s I-Thou philosophical thinking has been enlightening to me. We’ll have to share notes on that sometime…


  2. AChittenden says

    I love the MP3 player accessibility! Could you give us an idea of approximately how long each audio clips last? Twenty minutes? Six minutes? Don’t need to know exact lengths of time for all the clips however I am curious about the general listening experience so I can know how much time to consider when visiting the exhibition.


    • Thanks Amy. I agree that the MP3 player component of this exhibition is what makes it so compelling for me. Adding the opportunity to hear the people and places illustrated with applicable voices is so engaging. The audio clips will last somewhere between a minute or two in some cases up to 12 minutes. Most are in that 3 – 6 minute range. The total audio amounts to around 88 minutes!


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