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Energizing Valentine

As Chris Hernstrom in Valentine told me, there is a lot of energy around the Arganbrights. Here Kyle and Kurt talk about entrepreneurial advancement of the Valentine community, its pioneering spirit, world-class environment, clear-eyed socio-economic development and, of course, Americus Liberator. Listen below to audio excerpts

Law Enforcer – Servant to Community

Dale has particular perspectives on community, not least as a retired law enforcement officer: “I think I did a good job of community relationships and stuff, and that was the most enjoyable part of it. And I think that’s the part of it I still miss the most.” Dale believes law enforcement is a servant of community and, despite several brain injuries resulting from his duties, chooses not to see people as adversaries. Dale also reflects upon the benefits of tourism in Valentine and contributing to a healthy community. Listen below to Dale’s story:

Mark Swanson

Mark has spent much of his life ministering to others. I found his warmth and spiritual intelligence to be utterly compelling. In these brief excerpts Mark talks about the therapeutic, freeing and connecting power of conversation. Listen below

Chris Hernstrom

Chris Hernstrom moved to Valentine, sight unseen, because he believed in the vision of a new brewery in a beautiful location in the middle of the country supported by its community. I tried some of Chris’s test brews… delicious. Payback was helping Chris and Kyle collect wild plums from around the area so Chris could experiment with a new beer. While we did so, Chris talked about how he came to Valentine, beer and the nature of brewing. Listen below