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Energizing Valentine

As Chris Hernstrom in Valentine told me, there is a lot of energy around the Arganbrights. Here Kyle and Kurt talk about entrepreneurial advancement of the Valentine community, its pioneering spirit, world-class environment, clear-eyed socio-economic development and, of course, Americus Liberator.

Listen below to audio excerpts


  1. Laura says

    These interviews remind me so much of Studs Turkles Book “Working.” Just the idea of going out and talking to people about their lives and learning from them to share with others. I’d love to see you do an audio book of these interviews, and then expand your conversations beyond Nebraska!


    • Thanks Laura. I’m glad these stories are striking a chord. Everyone deserves and desires a voice and mutually to share those narratives that build community and belonging. There is much to be learned from each other. As for the audio book, that would be great fun and immensely fulfilling to do (as would traversing other parts of America)!


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