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The Army, WillyCon and Horror Films

I found Natalie to be a warm, lighthearted, open and willing conversationalist. Among the topics we chatted about, Natalie, an Army veteran, talks about her service in the military police and identifies her community as something of a “geek” tribe, including one of Nebraska’s longest running science fiction conventions, WillyCon. Natalie also discusses her film-making ambitions and penchant for the psychologically macabre.

Listen to the audio below:


  1. This one was so great! I loved hearing about her breadth of experiences and then about the ideas and thoughts that really drive her and have meaning for her. Very fun.


    • Thanks Amy. Natalie was an effusive, delightful conversationalist early in the project. You are right that she seemed to have an interesting breadth of experience and much that she aspired to. She was great to talk with. Thanks for listening.


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